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A copy of a new contract that Interserve intend to introduce for staff on its LUL contract has recently been received and an initial consultation process has commenced. To date, one meeting has taken place with the Company and the Lead Officer has already had cause to write to Interserve to insist that there is no implementation until the consultation process has concluded. The Union will continue to monitor this situation.
The RMT are to hold a demo to bring the wider issues of cleaners on LUL straight to the Mayors. doorstep

June 23 0900 City Hall

Night Tube to start August 19 ?

Following the announcement of the start of Night Tube, General Secretary Mick Cash said; “There are major unresolved issues in relation to the Tube Lines engineering workforce and it is imperative that the company now moves quickly to address the points at the core of that dispute and reaches a proper negotiated settlement with the union that doesn’t leave that essential group of workers disadvantaged on conditions and pensions.

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RMT reps say pay offer falls short

The  overwhelming view of the reps at the meeting was that the pay offer fell short of what was wanted.
It was a below inflation 4 year deal that gave us no increase until year 4.
In year 1 we get about 2% , with strings and dependant on what salary you are on, but the RPI in April 2015, when we should have got our pay rise, was 2.5%,
In  years 2 & 3 RPI or 1% (whichever is greater) and year 4 only 0.25% above RPI.

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in this months issue read about ;

  • wheres our pay offer?
  • oblique image problems on JNP/BCV
  • update on FFFS negotiations on frameworks, rosters ect
  • Glen Hart - victimised because of Trade Union activities
  • RMT tube cleaners demand dignity and respect
  • RMT women 100 years fighting for equality
  • LTRC social event

LUL fingered in disability discrimination case - again

Following Karen Guyotts' dismissal because she had a disability -  questions were asked in Parliament - MPs from all sides of the house were appalled that in 2015 London's biggest employer could sack one of its employees solely because she had a disability.


LUL cited that the reasonable adjustments in place for Karen were "unsustainable" and sacked her.


Karen was unable to "sustain" an industrial response due to her condition.

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Night tube deferred - doesn't mean our pay rise should be!

LU have suggested that they will not impose NT,but seek to come to an agreement with the RMT and other TUs.
This is obviously more preferable than having NT imposed and It comes with some obvious questions - not least being where's our pay increase?

We are patiently waiting for LUL to make us a decent offer.
But our patience is limited.

RMT London Calling latest - ACAS talks update

This action is suspended - details here

Attached pdf available for download and printing

Night Tube /Pay talks latest news

The latest from the talks at ACAS Aug 20

The RMT drivers reps met with management today and agreed a joint position with ASLE&F That position will be discussed further at ACAS on Aug 21 At this time there is no movement from LUL on the points of contention As it currently stands there is no acceptable offer.
The strike action named remains on

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