Night Tube to start August 19 ?

Following the announcement of the start of Night Tube, General Secretary Mick Cash said; “There are major unresolved issues in relation to the Tube Lines engineering workforce and it is imperative that the company now moves quickly to address the points at the core of that dispute and reaches a proper negotiated settlement with the union that doesn’t leave that essential group of workers disadvantaged on conditions and pensions.
“RMT also still has major concerns over the safe running of the Night Tube and there are unresolved issues on the detailed safety case that will have to be agreed through the Health and Safety machinery. Against a background of massive cuts over shadowing TFL budgets all parties have to be clear that Night Tube, a development that RMT supports, cannot be delivered on the cheap

There are also unresolved issues on driving grades and how NT will impact depots across the combine. Reports of " having no tangible detriment to drivers" have thus far meant a cut in depot establishment.
Speak to local/TFC reps for further advice.