Dispute materials

Leaflets, posters, newsletters and other materials for use in RMT's industrial disputes

Poster: The Two-Faced Twins?

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Click '1 attachment' / file name to download a poster supporting both our campaign against job cuts and students' campaign against fees and cuts. The poster highlights Nick Clegg's pre-election pledge to vote against fee rises and Boris Johnson's pre-election pledge to oppose ticket office cuts and closures, and lists several ways in which people can support the campaigns.

'RMT London Calling' 30 November 2010: Strike Four!

Click '1 attachment'/ file name to download the new issue of our 'RMT London Calling' newsletter. It reports on the most recent strike, passes on messages of support, promotes our political/public campaign against job cuts, as well as offering support to student protests, reporting on issues on Docklands Light Railway, and encouraging young members to attend RMT's Young Members' Conference.

'RMT London Calling' November 2010 - London Underground Job Cuts Special

The new issue of our 'RMT London Calling' newsletter invites you to our rally against job cuts on Thursday 25 November, and reminds you of the details of our next strike day on 28/29 November. There is also up-to-date news on our battle against job cuts, and our defence of RMT reps who face victimisation by the company.

Click '1 attachment' to download it.

ISS & ICSA Volunteers: Do The Right Thing - Don't Help London Underground Steal Our Jobs!

An appeal from RMT and TSSA to admin and other staff who have volunteered as 'Incident' CSAs/SSs: read the text below or click '2 attachments' / file names to download a leaflet and poster.

We are facing a massive attack on public transport in London.

The 800 operational job cuts at London Underground are just the tip of the iceberg - thousands more jobs are at risk across TfL.

And we all know that cutting jobs means cutting services and compromising on safety.

November Bakerloo Branch newsletter

Click on the link to see a copy of the November edition of Bakerloo News.

Main story follows:

Next strike day - November 3rd! Together we will win!

The 2nd day of combine wide industrial action by RMT and TSSA members was a resounding success. Even the most begrudging naysayer would have to agree. By the morning peak on Monday 4th October even LU had to admit that the second day of strike action for jobs was having an even greater impact than the first.

Monthly News Strike Special - October 2010

Please click on the attachment to download a copy of Finsbury Park's Strike Special edition.

In this newsletter:

STRIKE FOR JOBS AND SAFETY - ROUND 3 - How our actions are really hurting the company and why we need to keep up the pressure;

FIREFIGHTERS' STRIKES - LUL managers say there is no danger on the railway arising from the firefighters' strikes. Great. Now read the truth;

'RMT London Calling', October 2010 - Cuts Will Hurt Us All

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download the new issue of our 'RMT London Calling' newsletter. It urges members to join the fight against the ConDem government's cuts; condemns London Underground's latest job cuts announcement; and reports on RMT's campaigns on Docklands Light Railway, Initial (cleaners) and Alstom.