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Finsbury Park Branch Newsletter - Every Job Matters

Dear Finsbury Park Branch Member,

As you are no doubt aware LUL has announced a massive attack on the jobs and conditions of mainly station based grades.

This is being done due to the massive budget cuts announced by Central government to the TfL budget mainly due to the actions of a handful of people in the banking sector some years ago.

They are asking us to pay through our jobs and conditions for their mistakes and this is not acceptable.

Jubilee South Branch Special EJM Meeting


Jubilee South branch special EJM meeting

The Jubilee South branch is holding a special meeting on Thursday 5th December at 1600 in the Blue Eyed Maid. This meeting is specifically to discuss the devastating cuts planned by our bosses. Come along and have your say. This is your opportunity to find out the facts and discuss tactics on how to fight back.

  • Special branch meeting
  • Thursday 5th December – 1600
  • The Blue Eyed Maid, Borough High Street
  • Nearest Tube London Bridge
  • Your chance to have your say

Poster: Don't Let LUL Get Its Way

The poster can be downloaded below

The Decimation of Our Jobs (if we allow LU to get their way)

Fact - Total cuts package by 2021 will be £4.2 billion.
Fact – CSAs, SAMFs, SCRAs & SSs will all be affected.
Fact – We will all need to re-apply for our jobs.
Fact - Station cuts will only save £270 million.
Fact - £270m is just 6% of the total above.
Fact – After station cuts there’s still £3.9 billion to save.
Fact – The remaining 94% will come from your job too.

Every Job Matters - Vote Yes For Industrial Action

In every area, the company is either cutting jobs or preparing to cut jobs. It is deliberately under-staffing our workplaces, attacking our conditions and ‘reinterpreting’ our agreements. It wants to replace skilled workers with unreliable automation.

This is not aimed at improving our Tube but at saving millions of pounds following the government’s 12.5% cut to Transport for London’s funding.

London Underground Ltd plans

  • to close every ticket office
  • to get rid of nearly a thousand stations jobs (net job loss of around 750)

A message to agency cleaners in English, Polish and Russian

Read the text below, or click on the attachment to download as an A4 leaflet ...

  • A message to agency staff
  • Komunikat dla pracowników agencji
  • Информация для работников агентсвa

A message to agency staff
Employers are offering agency staff £12.45 per hour to work while your cleaning workmates are on strike on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

London Underground Casualisation Leafter For Tube passengers

An important message from RMT to London Underground passengers.

During the Olympics London Underground has been counting volunteers among the number of safety-trained staff needed legally to keep Tube stations open, putting everyone concerned at risk. See overleaf to see how YOU can help us to stop this abuse.

During the Olympics, London Underground has been using volunteers to help out with the additional crowds using the Tube.

RMT Cleaners Strike Update

RMT union & its members are demanding:-

  • SICK PAY: Cleaning jobs are dangerous and when working with
    chemicals with a combination of poor or inferior PPE staff often get sick.
    However the cleaning Companies do not care about their Workers.
  • A DECENT PENSION: Many Cleaners are working well beyond other Workers retirement age because they cannot afford to retire as they have no pension to retire on. This is a disgrace in 2012 Britain.
  • ANNUAL PAY INCREASE: Why would any bosses object to this?