Dispute materials

Leaflets, posters, newsletters and other materials for use in RMT's industrial disputes

Cleaners Strike Posters

Posters have been created for the upcoming cleaners strike.

Please place them in union noticeboards and distribute them as appropriate. You can download them both via the attachments below.

Read More about the cleaners struggle for a London Living Wage here.

Cleaners Demands

The regional BEM have requested that the union make available the RMT ‘Rail Cleaner Charter’, of which there are limited copies, until we get more printed please see and pass around the attached digital version or see: http://www.rmt.org.uk/Shared_ASP_Files/UploadedFiles/EEF98ADF-817B-49D0-...

The RMT is demanding that the cleaners, who do some of the dirtiest jobs often in appalling conditions to keep the tube running, should receive in return:

ISS London Underground Cleaners - Join RMT And Join The Fight For Better Pay

Download and distribute the leaflet attached below. You can join RMT here

ISS Cleaners on the London Underground Join RMT and help the union win decent pay and conditions for you

RMT submitted a claim on behalf of cleaners on the ISS LUL contract, seeking a substantial pay increase, proper financial reward for the Olympics, and improvements in conditions including sick pay, pensions and travel facilities.

ISS boasts about its corporate responsibility, that it offers adequate pay and proper working conditions and respects the right to collective bargaining - yet it expects cleaners already on low pay to take a real-terms pay cut. RMT says that is unacceptable. but rather than talk, the company has resorted to dirty tricks, including putting out lies that the union has accepted some sort of unspecified deal after the Olympics - this is complete nonsense!

Service Control Offer Considered by Reps

Today all RMT Service Control reps from across Service Control in London Underground met to discuss the final offer that LU and RMT had been negotiating all this week at ACAS.

The reps felt that the final offer made after much negotiating and fighting was a solid victory for all members and for everyone that works in service control, they also felt we had all achieved something un-heard of in London Underground... A guaranteed "Lifetime Protection of Earnings" in writing from LU!!

RMT Service Control - ACAS Talks Update

RMT has put forward our opinion on this document that shows many loopholes for London Underground to not support Service Control staff in the future and allows management to hand pick who goes where.

LU management don't want there to be any transparency in who goes where in Service Control and don't want anything to be done by mutual agreement but for LU to choose and decide everything.

TfL No1 Branch Newsletter - Why We Are Taking Industrial Action.

From TfL No1 Branch Secretary Linda Wiles. You can download the original version of the newsletter which is attached below this article

"Management aren't treating us with the dignity and respect we deserve by trying to break existing agreements"

Recognised members in Travel Information Call Centre, Travel Information Centres, all areas of Oyster, Lost Property Office & Customer Services voted 63% in favour of strike action and 77% in favour of action short of the strike.

This is a decisive mandate for industrial action and a clear message that TfL RMT members will fight to defend their current terms & conditions and for the fair and decent reward they deserve for the additional Olympic and Paralympic workloads.