Dispute materials

Leaflets, posters, newsletters and other materials for use in RMT's industrial disputes

RMT Members on TfL: Vote Yes!

This leaflet urges RMT members working for TfL to vote Yes in the industrial action ballot over pay and job security. Click '1 attachment'/file name to download it. Read the text below.


Dear Comrades

Although this is a situation that may be completely new to a lot of you, because of TfL’s total intransigence on this year’s pay claim and the spectre of thousands of job cuts over the next couple of years, the RMT in support of its members has taken the decision to ballot for industrial action.

This decision has not been taken lightly. It is the culmination of many branch meetings across TfL, and following management and Trade Union meetings at the company council.

Vote YES - Every Vote Counts!

This leaflet is aimed at all members involved in the current dispute over pay, job security and management persecution of staff. Click '1 attachment'/file name to download it. Read the text below.


London Underground, Transport for London & ex-Metronet Members

Vote YES!
for Strike Action & Action Short of a Strike!

RMT Members are to be balloted for strike action and action short of strike action against management’s current attacks on Staff :

'RMT Platform' 16 March 2009 - Call This A Pay Offer?!

The new issue of 'RMT Platform' - RMT's newsletter for London Underground stations and revenue staff - condemns LUL's five-year pay 'offer', and urges all members to vote Yes in RMT's ballot for industrial action and to get involved in the union's campaigning.

It also reports on the pressure managers are putting on ticket sellers, advises members to submit grievances against snow day deductions, outlines the process for lifting the limit on transfer and promotion nominations and celebrates a victory for common sense and RMT!

Bakerloo newsletter

Focussing on the ballot of all grades on London Underground, click on the attachment for the Bakerloo Branch March Newsletter. This months newsletter also reports on management breaching attendance procedures amongst other issues.

'RMT London Calling' February 2009: Decent Pay, Secure Jobs ... and Open The Books!

The new issue of the 'RMT London Calling' newsletter sets out the case for a fightback in defence of jobs, for a decent pay rise, and that LUL/TfL should open their books to scrutiny by unions, as well as reporting on various issues around the region.

Click on '1 attachment'/file name to download it.

'RMT London Calling' newsletter: Why We Need a Decent Pay Rise

This new issue of RMT London Calling newsletter spells out the reasons why we all need to demand a decent pay rise to protect ourselves from the effects of the recession. It also tackles common arguments for settling for a lower rise, and gives you facts and figures about how your bills are rising and how much our fat-cats bosses are being paid!

Click on '1 attachment' or the file name to download and print it. Please distribute it widely amongst your workmates.