Opposing victimisation

Defending RMT reps and members unjustly treated by their employers

Strike a badge!

The Bakerloo Branch has commissioned this badge to commemorate our campaigns for JUSTICE last year. The badges will be ready and distributed to members across the combine in a few weeks.

Members are aware that the image of Arwyn and Eamonn is iconic and symbolises the victimisation disputes last year. Off the back of that campaign about another 10 members jobs across the combine were saved as LU backed off. As the badge says "solidarity wins!"

RMTv Video: Vulnerable Workers Conference

The RMT have released a video explaining the recent conference to investigate and defend the needs of vulnerable workers.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said before the conference for vulnerable workers "All of us in the union are familiar with the precarious nature of employment at the present time and the many reasons that engender a real sense of vulnerability amongst workers generally across the UK. It is also fair to say that some workers in the industries that we seek to organise are especially vulnerable and need particular support and assistance from a Trade Union like the RMT and it is important that all our officials and members understand the issues vulnerable workers"

The RMT Vulnerable Workers project has produced this short film to raise awareness of the issues faced by vulnerable workers. For more information visit www.rmt-vulnerable-workers.org.uk.

Another year, another victimised rep !

RMT to begin ballot for industrial action on WightLink ferries over victimisation of staff rep

Publication Date: November 29 2011

TRANSPORT UNION RMT confirmed today that it is to begin balloting tomorrow (30 November) for strike action and action short of a strike all members on Wightlink’s Portsmouth routes over the victimisation and unfair dismissal of an RMT union representative Paul Kelly.

RMT Wins James Masango's Reinstatement

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the correspondence on file and that agreement has now been reached that allows James Masango to return to work and that he has accepted the offer from his employers. This has been achieved after protracted negotiations with London Underground that eventually resulted in a satisfactory conclusion to this whole sorry saga. We congratulate our members and all those involved who helped achieve an acceptable conclusion to this matter.

Relevant Branches and Regional Council to be informed.

Justice for Jayesh and James - nearly there

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note that Jayesh Patel has accepted reinstatement to his substantive role as a train driver from February 2012. We note that this is a huge reduction in the sanction initially imposed on him by London Underground.

We also note that London Underground has agreed to reinstate James Masango, but that the terms of this reinstatement are still under discussion.