Opposing victimisation

Defending RMT reps and members unjustly treated by their employers

Autism In The Work Place Motion Submitted To TUC Disabled Worker's Conference

The Following motion was Agreed by the RMT Executive to submit as the union’s resolution to TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference.

We note that autism is a neurological spectrum condition. Our society - including our workplaces - causes various difficulties to people on the autistic spectrum (diagnosed or undiagnosed), and to people caring for autistic people. Problems include: bullying; imposed changes to work routines; sensory overload; and difficulty getting time off or fixed hours when needed.

Celebrating our Victories- defending our members

The Past we Inherit the Future we Build.- celebrating successful disputes

With the attacks to our terms and conditions its important to remember what we have inherited through members sticking together. A tried and tested stratergy which works.

Attached are some materials for your consideration and circulation in this special week.


RMT View Initial's Plans For Fingerprinting Workers As An Attack On Civil Liberties And A Tool For Victimisation

We note the reply from Initial, that this is a group wide initiative from Initial Facilities to implement the Kronos Time and Attendance System into all contracts by end of 2012, with both biometric and telephone systems in operation. We also note the views of our representatives, who strongly oppose this move, rightly seeing it as an attack on their civil liberties and a weapon for management to use to victimise our members.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:
1. Urgently contact Initial management demanding a meeting to discuss our objections.

RMT Will Do All In Its Power To Defend Canteen Rep Petrit Mihaj Following His Success At An Employment Tribunal

We welcome the success of our representative Petrit Mihaj in winning the return of his deducted sick pay at Employment Tribunal. This vindicates our decision to pursue this case. We further note that Brother Mihaj and his representative are making constructive efforts to arrange his return to work.

However, following more than six months of suspension, Sodexho has now charged Petrit with misconduct, despite there having been no complaint made against him.

Bakerloo Driver Victimization Case Resolved

We note the report from our Bakerloo Line branch secretary, advising that this matter has now been resolved to the satisfaction of Brother Protheroe and his representatives.

We thank the branch for its prompt and effective actions on this case, and agree with the branch secretary that without a strong trade union position on this matter, LU may have reverted to type with their previous policies of victimising RMT reps and activists.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

North East Transport Cleaners “rock Solid” In Strike Against Poverty Pay As RMT Steps Up Pressure On Labour-controlled Transport Authority

TRANSPORT UNION RMT said this morning that support from cleaners for a 48 hour strike against poverty pay and the victimisation of a colleague on the Tyne and Wear Metro, which started last night, is rock solid with pickets and protesters out in force at key points.

Justice for Dayna - The Badge

The campaign to overturn this cruel injustice handed out to Dayna by LUL gathers pace.
The GGC has decided to enact the following to secure Dayna`s reinstatement;
•pursue this case through the full procedure agreed last year, including a meeting between Bob Crow and Mike Brown before proceeding to industrial action if necessary
•raise this issue with our Parliamentary group
•arrange a meeting with Dayna's GLA member, Navin Shah

RMT Will Take All Necessary Action To Defend Sacked SA Dayna Nembhard

We note the report from our Regional Organiser on this shocking case. We are appalled that London Underground has seen fit to victimise and sack a member of staff who did nothing more than stand up for herself against a racist attack while she was off-duty.

We note that there is to be a Directors' Review of this case tomorrow, and give notice that should this not lead to Dayna’s reinstatement, this union will fight this injustice with all methods at our disposal.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to: