Opposing victimisation

Defending RMT reps and members unjustly treated by their employers

Arwyn Thomas-Regional Council 26th May

The following Emergency Resolution submitted by LU Engineering was carried at the Regional Council meeting on 26th May.

This region is appalled on the betrayal of the deal regarding Arwyn and their refusal to dis- cuss reinstatement. We call on the GGC to ballot all members in this region for strike ac- tion and action short of strike. Also, any action to be maintained until Arwyn is reinstated

A letter to Bakerloo train operators

Below is the text from a letter from Bakerloo Branch Secretary, Brian Munro, to train operators on the Bakerloo Line. This was distributed today.


To Bakerloo train operators


On behalf of Eamonn Lynch and the Bakerloo Branch of the RMT I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those RMT members who voted for industrial action and who took part in our two days of solid strike action for our workmates Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas. To those ASLEF members who respected our picket lines and showed continual support and solidarity with the RMT’s campaign I would like to say that this union is proud to have you as our friends and comrades.

Progress in Reinstatement Campaign: Strikes Suspended

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

Following consultation with our representatives, we accept the agreement tabled to us, which

  • secures the re-engagement of Eamonn Lynch without loss of salary;
  • establishes a review of industrial disputes;
  • arranges legal discussions in the Arwyn Thomas case in an attempt to resolve the dispute, which in our view can be resolved only by his reinstatement; and
  • agrees a further meeting between LU and RMT next week.

RMT London Calling - May 2011

REINSTATE OUR REPS! At long last, Eamonn Lynch's tribunal has announced its unanimous decision: Eamonn's dismissal by LU was unfair and was because of his trade union activities. If management still refuses to reinstate both Eamonn and Arwyn, we must prepare to hit the company with strike action, starting on Monday 16th May. An injury to one is an injury to all.

For details of the strikes and other issues, click on the attachment below.

New issue of RMT up front - Eamonn Lynch secures crushing victory at employment tribunal

Click on the attachment to see the lastest edition of RMT up front, the newsletter for LU train operators. It gives a full report on the recent tribunal ruling on Eamonn Lynch's unlawful sacking.

Main story follows:

Eamonn Lynch secures crushing victory at employment tribunal

An employment tribunal has unequivocally found that Eamonn Lynch, RMT Health and Safety Representative for the Bakerloo Line, was dismissed because he was a member of a health and safety committee and because of his trade union activities.
Three times now the legal system - usually biased towards employers - has
ruled on the side of Tube workers, giving a massive boost to the union's
campaign for reinstatement of both Eamonn and Northern Line driver Arwyn

RMTV: Assistant General Secretary Pat Sikorski Discusses Arwyn & Eamonn Sacking Dispute

RMT has called a series of strikes on London Underground from May 16, 2011 in defence of Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas, two reps unfairly sacked for their trade union activities. Eamonn won his employment tribunal shortly after this interview with RMT assistant general secretary Pat Sikorski was filmed. Arwyn has won his interim relief hearing which ruled on the 'likelihood' that his full tribunal is likely to rule in his favour. Yet London Underground stubbornly refuses to budge and re-instate these men.

Additional press statement re Arwyn and Eamonn following erroneous report in tonight's Standard

RMT wants to make it absolutely clear that the victimisation cases of Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas are totally interlinked and that our days of strike action have been announced to secure the reinstatement of both members who have been unfairly sacked for their trade union activities.

We have now won three tribunal rulings in a row proving unfair dismissal and despite bogus reports to the contrary we are seeking an urgent meeting with LUL to discuss a timetable for getting both colleagues back to work and doing the job that they are being paid to do and that's driving tube trains.

Unfairly Dismissed: Eamonn Lynch Employment Tribunal Findings

Eamonn Lynch's employment tribunal findings are now available.

"The Tribunal unanimously found that Eamonn had been unfairly dismissed and more importantly, automatically unfairly dismissed on grounds of his health and safety and trade union duties and activities."

"It was found that the fact that he was a health and safety committee member prayed heavily on the minds of the disciplinary panel"

"The tribunal concluded the dismissal was far too harsh a sanction and that no reasonable employer would have decided dismissing Mr Lynch was proportionate."

Click read more to get more detail from the employment tribunal findings. A scan of the findings in full is attached.

Eamonn Lynch: Employment Tribunal Decision in Full

Click '1 attachment' / file name to read the full decision by the Employment Tribunal, which upheld Eamonn's complaint of unfair dismissal on the grounds of trade union activities.

As outlined by our solicitors, the key aspects of the judgment are:

(1) The Tribunal unanimously found that Eamonn had been unfairly dismissed and more importantly, automatically unfairly dismissed on grounds of his health and safety and trade union duties and activities.

Sacked Tube Driver Eamonn Lynch Wins Unfair Dismissal Case at Tribunal




Tube union RMT confirmed today that sacked Bakerloo Line tube driver Eamonn Lynch has won his employment tribunal case for unfair dismissal on the grounds of trade union activities. Eamonn Lynch's is one of two unfair dismissal cases that sparked this weeks announcement of ten days of tube strike action.