Celebrating Our Victories - Defending Our Members

The Past we Inherit the Future we Build.- celebrating successful disputes

With the attacks to our terms and conditions its important to remember what we have inherited through members sticking together. A tried and tested stratergy which works.

On this day in 2010 at 2059hours the bakerloo and northern line started a 24hour strike to defend our reps. A strike which shut down the bakerloo line and caused massive disruption for days as the weather gods intervened to dump a load of snow on a line which had not been de-iced. All contray to the bulletins the line manager made to the public, promising a reduced service. We all know the great result we got for eamonn and arwyn. Let us not forget what we can do when we stick together. Lets not allow our potential members to forget that the RMT is a fighting union.

Attached are some materials for your consideration and circulation in this special week.