Tube Pay Offer Rejected

Pay negotiations update from RMT Regional Organiser John Leach.

This afternoon I attended talks with RMT senior functional reps and Directors of LUL.

Members will know that the company so far have offered a two year pay deal 2015 ..0.50% and 2016 RPI and two one off payments of £250 for night tube.

At todays meeting the company have marginally revised the offer to:

2015...0.75%(1/4 %increase)
2016 ..RPI

So over the two years the offer has been moved by a mere 0.25%!

With regards to Night tube , the only change is that for only Train Drivers and track and signals they - only - have been offered a further £250. LUL have described them as having "more impact " at implementation of night tube. Otherwise the non consolidated night tube payments stay the same.

We have forcefully driven the point that all LUL employees effected by night tube must be treated fairly. We will not tolerate a two tier workforce.. regrettably its fallen on LUL's deaf ears !

Train drivers depots are to be offered fixed night link or reduced hours train operators to compliment fulltime Train operators in 2016.

The company have also stated they want a discussion over the two years on personal development and better worklife balance.

To cap it all the offer is made on the basis of a totally unacceptable "No strike deal" for the duration of the deal on issues effected by pay and night tube arrangements.

I am now reporting back to the General Secretary and National leadership in line with RMT procedures ,with a recommendation that this wholly inadequate offer on pay which is an insult to all RMT members and a similarly inadequate offer on night tube must be rejected .

In solidarity
Johns Leach
RMT Regional Organiser
London Transport Region 11