Trains Management Update

Your reps met again with the company on Wednesday (23/11/16), where we finally were given answers to some of the many questions we raised at the start of October. The discussions centred around the impact on our members, particulary the issues of pay, pensions and severence.

The company's proposals mean that 18 individuals earning over the top end of the proposed pay band will have their pensionable pay frozen. We as a union cannot accept attacks on anyone's pensions and totally oppose these plans. Furthermore, we have been given data which shows that all but one of these individuals are over the age of 50, which demonstrates to us clear age discrimination. Even more worrying, is that the company project that if we receive a 1% pay rise next year, the number of people will rise from 18 to 28! This is the thin end of the wedge and if we allow London Underground to attack pensions in this area, they will soon try to attack everyone.

We also raised concerns that the bottom end of the proposed pay band is not set at 2.5% above an Instructor Operator's salary, which is an established practice. The company made it clear that they have no intention to change the proposed pay band. This led to us asking how it would be possible for someone to rise from the bottom end of the pay band to the top and how long it would take with PRP. The company could not give us an answer, apart from one manager saying, "Well I've never reached the top end of the band". It is obvious that the company are making it impossible for people to work their way through the pay band and that the figures are meaningless. PRP does not work.

Again, we made the point that TOSMs terms and conditions are being changed and the company need to address this. They refuse to accept that they are changing T&Cs and instead would rather quote from the dictionary than acknowledge the impact these changes will have on our members. All four unions are seeking legal advice on this matter and will update you accordingly.

We also spoke about a number of other things including annual leave, framework agreement, flexible working and people with caring responsibilities. An email has been sent out about annual leave and we are waiting for full answers on the other issues. For more information, please contact your rep