Service Control - Protect Your Job

The text in this article is taken from the poster attached below. Please distribute it in your workplace


London Underground have taken unfair action against service control instructors and are pursuing this further to help cut staffing number.

Stop. Do not:

  • do not let your trainee touch anything without consenting to it first. Every button!
  • if you need a pnr (personal needs relief) you must shut the desk or cabin!!
  • do not have a trainee if you feel the risks are too great of losing your job

We advise all RMT Service Control Instructors to follow this advice . All our instructors and trainers are at risk following LU managements stance to start attacking our trainers for their trainees errors. How is a trainee meant to learn without the odd mistake? Are you meant to press every button or switch for them? Do you have a plunger to stop them like drivers do?

LU are watching you

London Underground have decided to change how we train without asking us in Service Control. They now claim the instructor is responsible for every button, switch, call or lever the trainee makes contact with. They are not taking any responsibly themselves for training errors. It all now lays with the instructor.

We in Service Control are not provided with plungers to stop trainees like drivers are, we do not have training simulators in every control room or cabin. So why should the staff take the blame?