RMT Motion Highlights Concerns About Treatment Of Brother Moriarty

This Branch calls upon the General Grades Committee to instruct the General Secretary to raise with LUL at highest level the ongoing treatment of Brother Jason Moriarty.

The Branch is concerned that LUL management are acting maliciously by giving credence to numerous and ridiculously false allegations against our member.

These include that he had cancer and failed to report it to management , allegedly being drunk on duty resulting in a for cause test for both drugs and alcohol on the platform of Willesden green station after being removed from his train and the police called also harassment and bullying allegations that were subsequently ridiculed by an Employment Tribunal judge who also stated that they had considerable sympathy for Bro Moriarty and his treatment by LUL management.

Furthermore, following a CDI in December the sanction was altered after intervention by a PMA not involved with the case.

Bro Moriarty’s employing manager has stated that she has been advised by TfL’s legal section not to enter conciliation over our member’s issues leaving him with no means of resolving his workplace issues.

This is causing our member considerable stress and is exasperating his medical condition of which LUL is fully aware (generalised anxiety disorder/depression) and has been confirmed by LUOH.

Bro Moriarty informed his Employing Manager that LUOH councillors had advised him that the workplace issues were shortening his life, His manager only responded in an e mail stating that she was sorry to hear that and strangely informed him that he could seek counselling via LUOH. Other than that email she decided to take no action whatsoever and has never attempted to meet to discuss this. As Bro Moriarty has already suffered a Heart attack as a direct result of workplace stress only last year this branch is of the opinion that the lack of action from management after being provided with this information was absolutely disgraceful and intolerable.