RMT condemns LU plans to ditch cash ticket sales

LONDON UNDERGROUND UNION RMT today condemned LUL plans to completely eliminate the option of using cash to purchase tickets.

The plans are an assault on the thousands of customers who only use cash, often because their financial situation means they have no access to a bank account or a contactless payment method. It will also inevitably lead to confrontations on the gateline with front line staff and revenue control inspectors.

Crucially, it will cost the company significant amounts of money, at a time where every pound is precious with lower numbers travelling.

The proposal is in direct contravention of LUL’s own bylaws and Penalty Fare Act which are crystal clear in stating that ticket issuing facilities must be available at the time and station at start of journey. This ill thought out policy is a charter for fare evaders to easily travel for free.

RMT general Secretary Mick Cash said:

“At a time where London Underground are under the financial spotlight it’s farcical that they would bring in a policy that will lose them millions .

“It’s also beyond comprehension that with fare evasion at a all time high, they would actually open a loop hole that will allow ticketless travel that couldn’t be enforced under their own bylaws.

“For a company that apparently prides itself on being ‘A world class customer service provider’ it beggars belief that they are going to disenfranchise millions of people – including many low paid, tourists and seniors – that still only use cash.

“RMT will be fighting this policy with all available resources.”

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