Representation Levels on Stations: Latest Position

Management continue to refuse to recognise our reps in many areas. This is a clear and obvious breach of the agreement made in March 2000 on our machinery of negotiation.

RMT will continue to elect our full entitlement of reps on stations.

Members have the right to ask for whoever they want to accompany them to LDIs, Case Conferences etc. Therefore managers cannot refused to release any rep who a member has specifically asked for.

RMT will treat all elected reps as fully accredited reps whether LU recognises them or not. If release for a reps meeting is refused at this time reps should discuss claiming any loss of earnings for taking unpaid release with their branch.

If any rep is refused release or is denied participation in a L1 meeting then RMT should fail to agree the entire agenda and refer it to SFC.

This is a strategy for the immediate weeks ahead. RMT has demanded that management return to ACAS to discuss this matter urgently.