Regional Organiser's report: January 2010

  • TfL
  • Alstom
  • London Underground engineering workers (ex-Metronet)
  • London Underground "summit"
  • EDF


Our TfL members are still faced with a three year pay deal. The RMT members there have had two days of strike action which was not supported by any other of the six unions on TFL. Unfortunately we are not the majority union there so our sisters and brothers need our help. You can assist your fellow union members by attending the lobby listed below please bring RMT flags and banners.

LOBBY Board of TfL
Wednesday February 3rd 2010
Assemble outside City Hall from 08:45 ends 10:00 am
City Hall, 110 The Queens Walk, Southwark, London SE1 2AA
Nearest station london bridge.


Congratulations to our Alstom train maintainer members on the Jubilee line who won nearly three thousand pound pay rises by returning a 100 per cent yes vote for strike action and demanding strike action for every Sunday. The RMT members determination led to a 2,900 pounds pay increase from twenty-nine thousand one hundred pounds to thirty two thousand pounds for all the lowest paid staff.

London Underground Engineering workers [former Metronet]

In a bid to plug the 5 billion black hole left by the disastrous privatisation and subsequent collapse of Metronet management are trying to roster people who currently work Monday to Friday only onto weekends. Not only will this cost workers thousands of pounds per year it will also destroy what little family and social life that these workers currently have. A massive yes vote and setting of action every Sunday until the matter is resolved will hopefully make management see sense.

London underground summit

Apparently London Underground managers have been summoned back from holiday to attend a “summit” on job cuts today at the Broadway.The RMT were alerted to plans to cut up to 1200 jobs mainly by closing ticket offices. Boris Johnson campaigned to keep ticket offices open during his bid to become Mayor which just goes to show we can never trust a Tory. The RMT will oppose any reduction in staff numbers and ticket office closures. Last year we kept every RMT member in a job by striking to defend our no compulsory redundancy deal. Meanwhile lul prepare the way for job cuts by introducing a five pounds minimum top up at ticket offices and plan to scrap safety critical licences. Drivers are being told of plans to make them self despatch their trains[ need for station staff]while vacancies remain unfilled. We have alerted the media to all the possible safety implications for the travelling public.


RMT EDF members won a sixteen percent increase in overtime rates through two days of strike action and a continuous work to rule and overtime ban. These workers won this huge increase by setting continuous strike dates that sent the message that they were serious. There may be an example to us all in their actions.

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Yours sincerely

Steve Hedley
Regional Organiser