Piccadilly strike remains on due to 'out of control' management

Dear RMT members,

This afternoon I have received a letter from LUL on the above. After waiting 6 days for any contact.

We made it clear at ACAS last week that our three (with three aslef as well) 6 in total victimised members at Oakwood need to be exonerated before the strike called for tomorrow. They've had at least 6 days from acas and weeks before that as well with all other issues to be resolved.

This has not been offered. An appeal for one member which is a legal entitlement is all that is forthcoming, as well as a meeting for another case and an acas review.

This falls far short of justice for our members.

The heart of this dispute is the fact that Piccadilly line management are out of control and under daily threat, management are in denial. Our members are constantly under attack and have had enough.

All Industrial Action remains on. Stand firm.

In solidarity

John Leach
RMT Regional Organiser
London Transport region 11