Picc & Dic branch call for action over defective brakes and subsequent unfair disciplianry actions


The following resolution was recently received from Piccadilly & District West Branch:-

“This Branch calls on the General Secretary to immediately instigate an investigation of all Train Operator SPAD’s (Signals Passed At Danger), overruns and all safety related items which may happen due to defective brakes.

It has come to light that Macro switches which control the 1973 stock braking have been shown to fail, further that the replacements are equally as fatal. This failing has contributed to SPAD’s and other safety related issues being as Train Operators wrongly and in some cases members have been dipped to other grades or even sacked.

We cannot allow our members to be wrongly accused by management who knowing this defect existed still penalised our members, this defect is not only a risk to members but also members of the public. With austerity coming to all areas of public transport and it is down to the RMT to draw a line in the sand and say passenger safety comes first, last and always issue must be addressed forcefully and immediately”.

This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee and in line with the decision, I have written to London Underground to demand an urgent meeting with the Company regarding this serious concerning matter, with the Regional Organiser, Piccadilly Line Train Operator and Fleet Train Maintainer appropriate reps in attendance. I will keep Branches advised of all further developments.