One day training course - recruitment/retention & organising. May 11 & June 1

One day course on recruitment,retention & organising.

As you know the Senior AGS Steve Hedley has made mapping of local areas a focus of RMT recruitment/retention.
It would be hugely beneficial if local reps are able to take up the opportunity to participate on these courses.
We intend to run courses throughout the year and are hoping all local reps/activists are able to take part.
Paid release from the employer should be requested as we have a statutory right for paid training.
Should they refuse the RMT will cover loss of earnings.

Training courses for local reps in Clapham on May 11 and June 1st
Course is for recruitment/retention/organising.
Tutors will assist local reps in how to map their areas.
First come first served basis but ideally would like all branches to ensure their reps attend
LOE and reasonable expenses covered
Please contact me or Lorna Tooley for details on enrolment etc.
If interested ask employer for paid release to receive TU training