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Branch Recruitment Evening for Night Tube

All Branch Reps/Members are invited to attended a general walkabout on Friday 19th January in order to promote the RMT Union to Night-Tube Staff within the Neasden Branch area. 

We will be meeting at 20.45hrs at Wembley Park Station, then moving onto various other locations throughout the evening. 

Please make every effort to attend 

Nominations open for LU MATS Rep

Roy Carey has recently stood down from the role of MATS Rep for Tfl No.1 & LU MATS Branch on 11th May 2015.

The Branch has elected DTSM Lorna Tooley in the interim

We would like to open this position for nominations (for MATS LU Operational grades only)

The nominee must be in attendance at the next meeting to be held on 8th June 5pm at The Crown Pub, 108 Blackfriars Roadd, London SE1 8HW

Please notify Branch Secretary Paul Rutland or Branch Chair Linda Wiles

One day training course - recruitment/retention & organising. May 11 & June 1

One day course on recruitment,retention & organising.

As you know the Senior AGS Steve Hedley has made mapping of local areas a focus of RMT recruitment/retention.
It would be hugely beneficial if local reps are able to take up the opportunity to participate on these courses.
We intend to run courses throughout the year and are hoping all local reps/activists are able to take part.
Paid release from the employer should be requested as we have a statutory right for paid training.
Should they refuse the RMT will cover loss of earnings.

European Trade Union Confederation Gender Equality Survey

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) survey on gender equality - known as the "8th March Survey" has been released. The survey, completed by unions across Europe, shows that of the unions which could indicate women membership numbers; of 44 million members, 44.2% are women. yet the results reveal that of the 39 presidents "within national confederations"; only 4 or 10.3% are women.

• 51 (out of 85) national confederations from 31 European countries.
• 20 sectoral national unions from 12 European countries.
• 6 European Trade Union Federations (out of 10) .

RMT Credit Union - Find Out More

The RMT Credit Union Limited operates as a democratically run, member-owned and -controlled financial services co-operative. It aims to provide quality Credit Union services at affordable rates to its membership, drawn from members of the RMT Trade Union.

In an industries which include many workers of low wage-earning potential, the RMT Credit Union provides a convenient method of saving and allows access to affordable credit to many people who have few other competitively priced choices.