Meeting called to debate train prep schedule changes


The following resolution has been received from our East Ham Branch:-

“This branch notes the very dangerous intention by LU to change the train preparation schedule from every 24 hours to every 96 hours. London Underground are saying that this is as safe as 24 hours. No safety related submission has been provided to back this up. The company will effectively be running a train service with a large percentage of its train service unchecked for four days at a time.

Not only will this lead to major fleet issues, it will inevitably lead to more train failures in service putting an unacceptable pressure on all grades within LU.

This branch asks the NEC for consideration of bringing all operational grades into the possibility of balloting for action alongside drivers and fleet staff”.

The National Executive Committee has considered this matter, noted the upcoming joint Tier 2 meeting on 18th May between our Fleet and Trains Health & Safety Reps with management and taken the decision to arrange a meeting of H&S Reps at the earliest opportunity following the joint Tier 2; with our Fleet & Trains Senior Health & Safety Reps, Lead Officer, Senior Assistant General Secretary and NEC. This meeting is due to take place on Tuesday 22nd May and I will keep Branches advised of all further developments.