LUL Circular: Strike Actions Over EDF Pay Dispute and C Johnston Dismissal - Ballots for Dismissals of F Chambers, J Miah and M Odisi

circular logo Circular No. IR. 386/09 dated 17th December 2009 from General Secretary Bob Crow

  1. Rates Of Pay and Conditions Of Service - EDF Energy Powerlink

    Notice Of Strike Action

    I can confirm that the General Grades Committee has called upon our EDF members to take both strike action and action short in support of this year’s pay claim. I have already reported how members voted massively in favour of industrial action in support of an improved pay offer.

    EDF members are incensed with an offer of around only 1% with productivity. And management didn’t do themselves any favours by running to the courts instead of the negotiating table. All this has served to do is put off a problem – not solve it.

    Since the announcement of the ballot result, no improved offer has been forthcoming and the so following industrial action has been called.

    Strike Action

    EDF Members have been instructed not to book on for any duty between 19.59 hours on 22nd December and 07.59 hours on 24th December nor for any duty between 19.59 hours on 26th December and 07.59 hours on 27th December 2009.

    Industrial Action Short of a Strike

    In addition to the above stoppages of work a continuous work to rule and overtime ban will be in operation from 20.00 hours on 22nd December 2009 until further notice.

    I am also informed that Unite members have also been balloted and will be taking the same action as ourselves at the same times. Unless management are prepared to make a positive offer that meets our aspirations, then the action will go ahead and the consequences for Underground services will be serious.

  2. Disciplinary - Colleen Johnston, Station Supervisor, Willesden Green Group, LUL

    Notice Of Strike Action

    As I reported earlier, members on the Willesden Green Group had returned a magnificent vote in favour of industrial action in support of the reinstatement of their colleague, Colleen Johnston.

    Even so, we were sincerely hoping that management would see sense and reinstate her on appeal, but they failed to do this. This is a despicable way to treat someone who only wanted to attend to her injured child. It cannot be tolerated.

    The General Grades Committee has therefore decided to use the mandate for industrial action and our members on the group have been instructed as follows:

    NOT TO book on for any shifts that commence between 04:59 and 23:59 on Wednesday 23rd December 2009.

    Colleen has a reputation as somebody who stands up for her workmates against local management. This, I believe, is the true reason for her dismissal and not the trumped up nonsense that has been levelled against her. I therefore strongly urge our members at Willesden Green not to let them get away with it and to support the strike.

  3. Dismissal From Service Of Fitz Chambers and Joel Miah - Train Operators, Bakerloo Line, LUL

    Notice Of Ballot

    LUL has decided to sack two Drivers on the Bakerloo Line and RMT has in turn decided to ballot all Drivers on the Bakerloo Line for industrial action.

    Fitz Chambers (Elephant & Castle) and Joel Miah (Queens Park) have both been sacked on the most spurious of grounds. In both cases these longstanding and respected members of staff with exemplary records were not given fair hearings and should not have been sacked.

    We believe that these sackings have more to do with a management agenda to cut jobs rather than genuine disciplinary measures.

    There will be individual ballots for each of the two members, however, because of this country’s infuriating ballot laws, we have to ballot members at Elephant & Castle and Queens Park separately. Ballot papers will be dispatched to members’ homes on Wednesday 23rd December 2009, and the closing date is Tuesday 12th January 2010.

  4. Dismissal Of Mercy Odisi, Green Park Group, LUL

  5. Notice of Ballot

    LUL’s pre-Christmas sacking spree continues with the dismissal of Mercy Odisi, a Station Supervisor on the Green Park Group. She is also a highly effective RMT Rep. Again a decision has been taken to ballot members on the group for industrial action.

    The balloting period is exactly the same as that for the Bakerloo Line Drivers. Ballot papers will be dispatched to members’ homes on Wednesday 23rd December 2009, and the closing date is Tuesday 12th January 2010.

    The General Grades Committee takes the view that Mercy's dismissal by LUL was vindictive, discriminatory and out of all proportion to her alleged offences which were essentially account irregularities. In reality, the dismissal had nothing to do with her accounts and was the result of Group and Piccadilly Line Management's anger at Mercy's forceful confrontation of their bullying and intimidation of RMT members on the Green Park Group.

    So, if it is the case that this is just a case of local management trying to settle scores, I anticipate a big mandate in favour of industrial action come the New Year.