London Underground claim that RMT refused ACAS talks incorrect

Dear RMT members

I’m getting fed up with all the not truths being peddled about RMT.

I’m told we refused to go to acas. This is not true and London Underground management know it.

Please see below and you will see an email I sent on the behalf of the RMT to the company last night where I stated, and I quote, "happy to attend ACAS to resolve the dispute. And are available to do so."

That oppurtunity has now passed. LUL have spent all day simply pretending that this email wasn’t sent and telling non truths about us.  You can see in the email below who at London Underground it was sent to.

RMT members stand firm, we stick by our agreements, members rights, jobs and rights at work.

In solidarity,

John Leach
RMT Regional Organiser