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Jubilee South Branch Prepared to Defend Unfairly Treated Disabled Member

RMT London Transport Region's Jubilee South branch has unanimously passed a motion in support of branch member Francis Darcy.  Francis is a long term RMT member and London Underground worker; who is employed as a SAMF.  Francis developed Repetitive Strain Injury whilst doing her job, and despite the difficulties this condition has causes her, has maintained her condition, and was doing her job just days ago.  However at a recent 'case conference' the decision was taken to redeploy her to an unknown role, without warning.

The branch was shocked to learn of the way that London Underground is planning to treat Francis; one of many disabled London Underground workers to be redeployed or dismissed as the company launches it's new business model.  London Underground is calling this plan 'Fit for the Future'; but where do tube bosses see workers with disabilities in their future plans?

The motion
This branch is appalled to learn that London Underground is threatening Frances Darcy with redeployment which could lead to medical termination.  

Frances has worked for London Underground for over a decade, and became unwell - along with several of her colleagues -  due to repetitive strain injury which she developed from working in the ticket office.  Sister Darcy has managed her disability for a number of years but management recently took the decision, without discussion or warning, to redeploy her.

The decision to redeploy Sister Darcy was made by the AMS of the station to which she was due to be ‘mapped’ into once ‘fit for the future’ movements took place: her future manager decided that he didn't want her.  The redeployment decision was also taken just after Sister Darcy’s grievance against the mistreatment she received from her own Area Manager was mostly upheld.

Jubilee South branch offers our full solidarity to sister Darcy.  We strongly believe the decision to redeploy her is unnecessary and unfair, and we will consider any necessary action to ensure that an acceptable resolution is reached.

We will not allow any of our branch members to be discriminated against or bullied because they have a disability.