Have we seen the London bridge 3 CCTV? Yes

Dear member,

It has been brought to my attention that management are deliberately spreading misinformation in an attempt to undermine our ballot, specifically, that RMT has not had sight of the CCTV footage of the events giving rise to the disciplinary action against our three members.

This is completely untrue. I myself have seen the whole CCTV footage that has been used against the London Bride Three. Indeed, myself and Brian Woodhead, JNP Operations Director actually sat down and watched it together at Lee Cornell’s Directors’ Review Hearing.

So how management can claim what they do is beyond me. But what I am certain of is that this very same CCTV evidence has convinced me that our three members should not have been disciplined in the first place and that a whole different approach should have been taken by management.

Management hate it when they have to admit their precious procedures are wrong especially when it’s pointed out to them by the staff themselves via their trade union. This is what this CCTV nonsense is really all about, that and an effort to try and secure a few NO votes.

So please ensure that this desperate attempt by management to foil things doesn’t affect how members’ vote, bring their attention to this message and feel free to print it, forward it, whatever, as you see fit.

RMT has nothing to fear from the truth.

With best wishes.

John Leach