Feedback Wall -young members conference 2013

RMT Young Member Conference 2013 Feedback Wall

- "Fantastic conference. The young members are stronger than ever. Such a brilliant group of dedicated people"
- "First time, loved it. will be back 2014 :)"
- “Scotland branches needs to get more members”
- “Excellent speakers -could do with more 'activities' + workshops”
- “Too much sitting down. More move”
- “Absolutely outstanding! Loved it!! Thank you :) ”
- “Agendas to be send to delegates before conference”
- “It was great to feel safe to be me and learn to be a better me, within a safe enviroment with people my own age. Its shown me who I am & who I can be”
- “Great”
- “Not enough resolutions from branches”
- “Excellent work, good to have international speakers”
- “Hope to see more motion on the next conference”
- “Learnt new ideas”
- "Fantastic event. Got to socialise and meet people from different areas"
- “Learnt our values and how much we can contribute”
- “Well organised”
- “More motions”
- “Informative, Inspirational and enjoyable”