Defend our rep

East Ham Branch meeting to defend victimised rep Gary Woolf
Thursday September 6 at 1700
Spotted Dog PH, Barking

Gary completed the first part of the Drugs and alcohol random test (breathalyser) but could not provide a specimen of urine within the time allocated.
Gary has been sent to CDI on gross charge because he went home when his shift had finished and declined the manager’s request to do over time to complete the test. Even though the DNA procedure allows for this eventuality, you would need to provide a specimen next time you book on; the management team on the District Line have taken the decision to send Gary to a CDI
Gary is a long standing RMT activist and rep who has been targeted by LUL in a fashion not too dissimilar to how they victimised RMT reps in 2010/2011
We rallied round our reps then and we need to do so again.
Come along to the East Ham branch on Thursday and show your support for Gary Woolf