Defend Alex McGuigan - How You Can Help

Alex McGuigan was sacked following a flawed alcohol test which we believe resulted in a false result. We balloted for industrial action to defend Alex which resulted in a yes vote for strike.

There are lots of ways that you can help Alex get his job back, and help the union ensure that alcohol testing is fair and robust for all of us on London Underground.

  1. Share the facts of the case

    This website has loads of facts and details about how an unfair breathalyser test resulted in Alex getting sacked. You can distribute this information in your depot and share it on social media. Have a look at for the latest news and all the details. The information available includes - how the test was carried out incorrectly, how we believe Alex's diabetes could have resulted in a false reading on the test, corrections of the untruths that LUL has spread in the media, and the truth from Alex's colleagues about this case.

  2. Sign and share this petition

    A petition has been set up, calling on London Underground Managing Director ike Brown to do the right thing and reinstate Alex. Over 250 people have signed it, and as each person does the pressure mounts on London Underground. Sign and share the position to show your support:

    Change.og: LUL reinstate Alex McGuighan

  3. Respond to this survey

    The blog 'despise the lies' has written an in depth article on this case. This is a public blog with a survey at the bottom asking "Should LU admit their mistakes and reinstate Alex McGuigan?" Almost 700 members of the public have responded, and 76% at the time this article was written responded with a 'Yes'. Support Alex by taking the survey, voting yes and sharing it with friends and colleagues.

    As a public organisation, LUL can't ignore the public support for Alex.

  4. Get involved in Alex's defense

    There are a lot of ways you can help. As well as those listed above, perhaps the best way to help is by getting involved in your branch and workplace, building further the action to support Alex amongst colleagues and friends.
    Get more details on social media