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Latest from Fit for the Future Consultation

I am aware that many questions are being thrown up as LU proceeds to implement Fit for the Future without our agreement.

Ticket Offcie Closures
LU says that it has made its mind up to close every ticket ofcie regardless of all the points raised by RMT.
A list of dates for the closure of every ticket ofice (ex-Silverklink dates TBC but LU is confident they will be shut by the end of 2015) has now been put on the LU Fit for the future site and can be downloaded below.
We will continue to campaign against the closures and will work with the public to stop the company's plans.

Local BNS/Roster Consultation Starts - Preferencing and 30 Min Talks

Local BNS/Roster Consultation starts at Rickmansworth.

The first group to begin the local BNS/Roster consultation is my own, Rickmansworth.
At the initial meeting LU confirmed that they agree with our reading of the BNS methodology, which means that if a CSS/CSM on a lone worked station is utilised in the ticket hall for 3 mins in any 15 min period then there should be a second member of staff in the ticket hall at that time.

Part time worker 1 - 0 London Underground

Part timer strikes back – Stunning victory at Employment Tribunal

A part-time RMT member of London Underground Station Staff has won a major victory against LU Management at an Employment Tribunal Hearing. The Employment Tribunal Judges ruled unanimously that London Underground had unlawfully reduced his salary and working hours when they transferred him to a new position in February 2014.

July JWP- talks update


3000+ Displacements

No Salary guarantee

No protection for staff with reasonable adjustments/flexible working

No security for those staff with caring responsibilities

Virtually all existing Part time positions to be removed

1500 SCRA`s/SSMFs chasing 500 jobs - rest to be put on 3 years POE

Please download, print, display and distribute around your workplace

Stations Functional News: Latest Report from JWP talks.

Talks Reveal that Assurances Amount to Nothing
RMT Demands Real Guarantees on Pay, Location & Grade

Mr Hufton's statements seemed almost reasonable in the circumstances; a genuine commitment to minimise upheaval for those affected by the impending job cuts.
RMT reps have engaged with LUL in an attempt to flesh out the promises. We quickly established that there were no guarantees at all. They simply weren't genuine.

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Latest proposals - the facts

TSSA has sent out a misleading bulletin which says that all supervisors will get CSM jobs. This is absolutely not the case.

Here is RMT's breakdown of what is actually on offer and how it will affect each grade.

- SS1/SS2 - Guaranteed a CSM position but location and CSM grading (1 or 2) decided by LU on assessment.

- SSMF/SS3 - Guaranteed CSS post but while most SSMF/SS3s work in outer zones the CSS jobs will be mainly in Zone 1.

Massive Support For RMT 'Every Job Matters' Tube Dispute

As the start of a 48 hour tube dispute approaches, we have received massive support for our upcoming action. The RMT and TSSA will be striking over job and pay cuts and the closure of ticket offices, vital for many including elderly and many disabled people. The strike action will continue for 48 hours from 9pm today (4th feb).

If you are reading this on the LUL intranet, much of the rest of this article will be blank as LUL blocks social media

Stations & Revenue Functional News November 2013

LU is set to announce cuts in station staffing. RMT will fight to maintain 24/7 Supervisor cover for every station. We will oppose further cuts in Ticket office availablity.

Also: Rainbow seems to be returning to many groups with members called in to account for past sickness. read the latest advice here.

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