Stations and Revenue Functional

Reports from the London Transport Region's Stations and Revenue Functional Representatives

Displacement & Review process: New SFC News to download

LU are about to open the stations location review process.
RMT has secured some important changes to the way LU planned to run the review but there is still no agreemnet about the review process because LU will not share the criteria it is using to govern moves.
Please downoad and distribute the SFC News, which gives advice and info to all stations members.

Station Locations for Fit for the Future Announced: How to Review & Appeal your Location

LU has sent out displacement notices to members. Moves are due to take place in 2016.
At first glance it looks like around 1000 station staff have been forcbly dispplaced when they had preferenced reaining on their current areas. Ths is about 25% of all station staff.
Please download the new SFC News and distribute it as widely as possible.
There is a also a poster to download i word format. Local reps should insert their contact details and make sure it goes to every station on their group.

Ballot for strike: Noel Roberts

East Ham Branch have voted for a ballot for strike action in support of Noel Roberts, who was sacked despite being FULLY FIT. The resolution passed was as follows:

"Unfair dismissal Bro Noel Roberts
This Branch notes the unfair dismissal of Brother Noel Roberts. This Branch resolves to continue campaigning for his reinstatement. This Branch requests the GGC to call for a ballot for industrial action of all our members on the East Ham, Tower Hill and Embankment groups, with a view to moving to an all grades ballot in support of Bro Roberts' campaign for reinstatement"

Part time workers –not 2nd class citizens

The fit for the future(sic) plan LUL have for us all mean we all have to trot off to Ashfield House for an indoctrination process – training exercise ( *delete as appropriate)
Fine. They pay us. We go. We listen. We believe.
In their time. In the hours they expect us to roll up for work as per our contract.

The latest, sensitive approach from LUL is to dictate to part time workers they must attend full time courses, irrespective of commitments outside the world of LUL, be it childcare, elderly relatives or voluntary community work.

If we fight we may lose; if we dont fight we cannot win

The rosters that LUL want to force through in readiness for FFFS in 2016 have been leaked. Inadvertently by a kind hearted and concerned GSM? Maybe.
The full impact of the madness of this new model is now available for all to see.

The RMT have from day 1 said the idea you can cut 1000 staff, shut ticket offices, control rooms, take away customer focus and assistance and offer a better service is not only flawed but frankly dangerous.