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Stations & Revenue Functional News November 2013

LU is set to announce cuts in station staffing. RMT will fight to maintain 24/7 Supervisor cover for every station. We will oppose further cuts in Ticket office availablity.

Also: Rainbow seems to be returning to many groups with members called in to account for past sickness. read the latest advice here.

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'Hundreds of Tube ticket offices to shut' as machines replace staff

This explains why LUL have been so reluctant to answer the questions your elected reps have been asking!

Hundreds of Tube ticket offices will be scrapped next year as Mayor Boris Johnson seeks to cut thousands of London Underground jobs, it was claimed today.

Mobile units of supervisors will replace staff at stations outside zone one in an attempt to move to full automation of ticket sales to cut costs.

Rail unions revealed the proposals as they published a poll showing overwhelming opposition to ticket office closures, with 71 per cent of travellers against full automation.

SFC News to download - Roving Supervisors and Ticket Office Cuts

RMT Demands
24/7 Supervisor on Every Station
No Ticket Office Closures

LU Explains how Roving Supervisors will respond to incidents during service breakdowns: See picture.

The issue of mobile Supervisors on the Wembley Central and Hammersmith (at Kew & Gunnersbury) groups moved to ACAS for the most recent talks.
LU has refused to implement the temporary arrangements agreed after a strike in 2008 and has tried to impose a model of mobile supervision.

LU Still Refuses to Discuss Ticket Office Closures

Following the publication, in the Evening Standard, of a plan to close every ticket office on the tube we wrote to the COO demanding an urgent meeting of the stations & revenue functional council.
Having refused to discuss ticket office closure plans at previous meetings we were a little surprised when an ad-hoc meeting was arranged for 5th Sept.
We needn’t have been. Management came to the meeting and told us, again, that they have no plans at this stage and therefore cannot discuss the matter!

Every Journey Matters, but Not Every job

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It is an indication of the way things are that the most important issue in this SFC News is about something management will not discuss at Functional Council.
Once again we have asked LU to come clean and tell members what their plans are for our stations. Vauxhall has now been added to the list of stations that will be refurbished and re-opened without a ticket office. Management refuse to say which other stations, or even how many will lose their ticket offices.

RCIS Move Closer To Unprecedented Strike Ballot

Industial relations within the Revenue dept sank to an all time low last week with an appalling attack on the RMT reps within the dept, by the centurian manager, in an email to all staff.

The email, full of gross untuths, misleading suggestions and anti union retoric, lays bare the depts full contempt for the RMT and the machinary.

Since last september, RMT reps have , via the level one process, agreed in good faith, arrangements to enhance work life balance and other issues, only to then see the arrangements made, regulary ignored by DRCMs and Centurian managers.

Updated Advice on Rainbow from Stations & Revenue Functional Reps

See the attached updated advice for dealing with Rainbow sickness processes.

Feb 2013-02-28

Update on Rainbow Sickness Process from Stations Functional Council Reps (SFC).

This update is overdue but we have been waiting for an agreed set of minutes from the last APC (Attendance, Performance & Conduct) meeting with management. The minutes are still in dispute but as the next meeting is not now scheduled until April and we are now getting more reports of the process kicking off again we are issuing this update to previous advice.