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New Tory threat to jobs and conditions and RMT statement on General Election

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New Tory threat to jobs and conditions and RMT statement on General Election.

Today the Conservative Party have published their General Election manifesto with the promise of even more attacks on the jobs, pay and conditions of transport workers.

In their manifesto the Tories show which side they are on. They describe the terms and conditions of rail workers as “unaffordable…unfair and unjustifiable.”

New Tory anti-strike laws attack basic human rights, says RMT

RMT members march, holding a banner that states "Do you know what a picket line is" alongside a photo of RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch

TRANSPORT UNION RMT slammed the Tory government’s Minimum Service Levels legislation announced tonight (Monday, November 6) attacking the right of essential workers to take strike action as ‘an assault on the fundamental freedoms of working people’.

Minimum service level legislation for rail workers, ambulance staff and border security staff will be laid in parliament tomorrow (Tuesday, November 7).

Tory anti-union minimum service laws will worsen industrial relations

RAIL UNION RMT warned today (Friday September 22, 2023) that the Tory anti-union minimum service laws would if used worsen industrial relations, prolong disputes and lead even more days or strikes and new novel forms of action.

The union was responding to a new Transport Committee report released today challenging the government’s ‘minimum service levels’ regulations for railway strikes. 

EMERGENCY DEMO - Protect the right to strike

EMERGENCY DEMO - Protect the right to strike - Monday 16th January 6PM - Opposite 10 Downing Street

This week the Government tabled legislation that launches a fundamental attack on our democratic and human rights to withdraw our labour. The Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill will give the Secretary of State for Business the power to set Minimum Service Levels of staffing following “consultation” across six different sectors including Transport, Health, Fire and Rescue, Education, Nuclear and Border Security.

Disabled People for Free Trade Unions: TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference Fringe Meeting 2022

These are the opening speeches from this event, held on Zoom on Tuesday 22 March 2022.


Sarah Woolley (General Secretary, Bakers’, Food and Allied Workers’ Union): Welcome to the joint RMT and Free Our Unions TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference fringe meeting.

Marx Memorial Library lecture: responding to attacks on right to strike

Britain will find this lecture a great opportunity to discuss how we can fight back against Tory anti-union laws.



Thursday, 27 October 2022, 

19:00 - 20:30 BST



Marx Memorial Library, 37a Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DU



Special lecture by Ben Sellers, Director of the Institute of Employment Rights.


Tickets £3/5 booked in advance