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Upfront Train Drivers' Newsletter Mid July 2015

Upfront is the regular newsletter for London Underground train drivers. Please download it and distribute it in your depot. In this edition: Unions In Unity - Time For a Good Deal Congratulations to members of all grades in all unions who took strike action last week. The support was outstanding, and the effect on the service devastating. We are now firmly in the driving seat as negotiations reopen.

The fight for Alex goes on - we need a strong yes vote

Vote Yes For Strike To Defend Alex

• Alex McGuigan has diabetes which is known to affect breathlyser testing

• Guidelines were not followed when Alex was tested

• An LUOH doctor supported our concerns

• We demand Alex is reinstated or that LUL agree to abide by ET outcome

• LUL testing procedure must be made robust and fair for all workers

please download, print and distribute around your workplace.
hard copies available form Unity House

Upfront Tube Drivers Newsletter January 2015 - Defend Alex

In this special 'Defend Alex McGuigan' edition

  • Vote Yes For Strike To Defend Alex
  • RMT Offer To Call Off Ballot If LUL Respect Employment Tribunal Decision. Tube Bosses Say No
  • Hendy Apologises

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Tube Driver's Newsletter - RMT Upfront November 2014

Download and read the latest edition of RMT Upfront below, and distribute it in your depot.

In this edition:

    Regular readers of “Up Front” will remember the report in August describing how Alex McGuigan was wrongfully dismissed following a false positive reading arising from an unannounced breath test. Alex’s rep proved that a number of medical conditions had affected the reading and also that the Drug and Alcohol Procedure hadn’t been properly followed....
  • Night Tube By A Night Mayor

RMT up front issue 28 - Drivers vote YES to defend London's Underground

Download the latest issue of RMT up front the newsletter for drivers on London Underground. This issue highlights LU's threats to our job, our culture of safety and our ability to provide a public service for London.

Main stories follow:

London’s underground is under attack Drivers: vote YES to defend the job!

Most Londoners are shocked at the severity of LUL's proposed cuts. So much for Boris’ Johnson’s promises (when seeking election) to keep ticket offices open!

RMT up front issue 27

Attached is the latest edition of RMT up front. This issue focuses on the proposed £350 Boxing Day payments and changes to TOPRA. Main stories follow:

Proposed Boxing Day bonus and changes to TOPRA
RMT demands improvements to deal

The proposed arrangements for Boxing Day payments negotiated between London Underground and ASLEF behind closed doors fall short of RMT’s aspirations. Following a meeting with all RMT drivers’ reps, the union has written to LU demanding further talks to improve the deal.

RMT up front issue 26

Attached is the latest edition of RMT Up front. This edition focuses on the Ballot for action short of strike action on the Jubillee Line. There are also reports on the Bakerloo detrainment dispute and issues for drivers on the new S Stock.

Main stories follow:

Jubilee Line drivers to be balloted over the removal of tunnel telephone wires

Last year Management informed safety reps on the Jubilee Line that there were problems in the tunnel between Baker St and Bond Street Stations on the south bound road caused by water ingress which would entail a job major of work.


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RMT names new date for action for safety - Bakerloo detrainment dispute

The RMT's planned Industrial action that was due to take place on Thursday 10th January 2013 has now been revised, so action can be co-ordinated with ASLEF on the Bakerloo Line. A joint notice with ASLEF has been produced and can be downloaded (see the attachment).

Members are instructed to disregard my previous instruction to take industrial action from Thursday 10th January 2013 and should instead take the following industrial action short of a strike:-