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RMT Upfront April 2017

RMT Upfront is the newsletter for Tube drivers from the RMT. In this editing are health & safety articles on:

  • Tube bosses desire to reintroduce 'flash and dash'
  • Tunnel telephone wire removal
  • The unacceptable number of staff assaults
  •  The health risk of tunnel dust

Please click the attachment to read the newsletter. You can also download it and distribute it in your depot, or share this article with your work mates.

RMT Upfront March 2016 - newsletter for London Underground Train Operators

Upfront is the RMT newsletter for drivers on the London Underground.  Please share it online and distribute it at your depot.

In this edition:

  • Pay & Night Tube ballot result: it's a YES

  • Stay safe - make sure traction current is switched off

  • Central line incident exposes danger of driverless trains

  • Union action sees rules for filming in cabs established

  • Breaches of agreements lead to second Piccadilly Line ballot


Upfront newsletter for Tube train drivers Jan 2016

Upfront is the newsletter for train drivers on London Underground. In this edition:


  • Pay & Night Tube Dispute Strike dates

  • Defend Glen Hart

  • Working Over 8 Hours?

  • Filming in cabs

  • Casualisation Of Track Work Is A Risk To Us All

  • Join Us At 'Trains Grades' 

  • No Time For Team Talk

You can download the newsletter here, or print it out and distribute amongst your colleagues in your depot.


Upfront January 2016 Trains Newsletter - Strikes Announced

Upfront is the RMT Newsletter for London Underground train drivers. You can downkoad it below and distribute it to your colleagues, or share it on social media.  In this edition:


  • Strike dates

  • Broken Agreements

  • The choice is clear


Upfront Newsletter: August 2015

Members of all unions once again showed the power of united action with another magnificent display of strength during the last strike. The all-grades overtime ban is hitting LUL hard and we have seen proof of this on their central target board. It has more red crosses than a game of Celebrity Squares with actual lost customer hours almost double the target. Lost hours caused through the Fleet overtime ban are 15 times higher than the target!

Why are we taking action?

Upfront Train Drivers' Newsletter Mid July 2015

Upfront is the regular newsletter for London Underground train drivers. Please download it and distribute it in your depot. In this edition: Unions In Unity - Time For a Good Deal Congratulations to members of all grades in all unions who took strike action last week. The support was outstanding, and the effect on the service devastating. We are now firmly in the driving seat as negotiations reopen.

The fight for Alex goes on - we need a strong yes vote

Vote Yes For Strike To Defend Alex

• Alex McGuigan has diabetes which is known to affect breathlyser testing

• Guidelines were not followed when Alex was tested

• An LUOH doctor supported our concerns

• We demand Alex is reinstated or that LUL agree to abide by ET outcome

• LUL testing procedure must be made robust and fair for all workers

please download, print and distribute around your workplace.
hard copies available form Unity House

Upfront Tube Drivers Newsletter January 2015 - Defend Alex

In this special 'Defend Alex McGuigan' edition

  • Vote Yes For Strike To Defend Alex
  • RMT Offer To Call Off Ballot If LUL Respect Employment Tribunal Decision. Tube Bosses Say No
  • Hendy Apologises

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Tube Driver's Newsletter - RMT Upfront November 2014

Download and read the latest edition of RMT Upfront below, and distribute it in your depot.

In this edition:

    Regular readers of “Up Front” will remember the report in August describing how Alex McGuigan was wrongfully dismissed following a false positive reading arising from an unannounced breath test. Alex’s rep proved that a number of medical conditions had affected the reading and also that the Drug and Alcohol Procedure hadn’t been properly followed....
  • Night Tube By A Night Mayor