Motions Passed At London Transport Regional Council March '13

These motions were passed at the LTRC in march 2013.

Thermal wear - Finsbury Park branch
"This region notes that London Underground’s uniform issue to front-line staff is not fit for purpose. Staff are issued with almost the same uniform, no matter what the weather conditions
are, all year round.

London Underground have always refused to provide Thermal clothing, stating that they are not responsible for supplying underwear to staff. We would argue that it's PPE. This region believes that London Underground’s refusal to provide its front line staff with adequate Thermal clothing and footwear, is putting their safety, and the safety of others, at risk.

This region resolves to look for support to take this motion to Company Council and/or to Conference, whichever is appropriate, to force London Underground to take the matter of Cold Stress and Thermal Comfort seriously and to start to provide staff with adequate PPE."

Law Commission’s revue into Taxis and Private Hire - London taxi Drivers' branch
I would like to put this resolution forward for consideration under rule 11.6.

“That the RMT London Taxi Drivers’ Branch 0930, request that the National Union commit to developing a strategy and campaign in support of the issues raised in responding to the Law Commission’s revue into Taxis and Private Hire, starting as soon as possible and lasting until the end of the Bills completion or to deal with its failure. In so doing this will raise the profile of the RMT by promoting the efforts made by the London Taxi Drivers’ Branch, establishing greater presence within the trade, taking credit where it is due and informing taxi drivers and the public of our concerns for the future development of the law and policy in relation to Taxis versus Private Hire”.

Rule Eleven - Resolutions and Appeals - 6. A Regional Council may submit appeals and resolutions to the Grades Conferences, the Council of Executives, the Appeals Court or the Annual General Meeting, but shall have no governing or controlling power over any member, Branch or Official. Resolutions from the Regional Council will be placed before the General Grades or Shipping & Offshore Grades Committees within twenty-eight days from acknowledgement of receipt at Head Office, or in the case of all Union matters, at the first available meeting of the Council of Executives.

coalition of resistance - TfL No 1 branch
RMT Tfl No.1 Branch supports the September 2012 TUC Congress resolution that "'the trade union movement must continue leading from the front against this uncaring government with a coalition of resistance taking co-ordinated action where possible with far reaching campaigns including the consideration and practicalities of a general strike"

In support of the aims of this resolution a number of Trade Union General Secretaries and anti-cuts organisations have supported the call for a people's assembly against austerity that aspires to build a movement for social justice and develop a strategy for resistance to mobilise millions of people, through trade unions and local community organisations , against the ConDem Government.

The assembly will provide a national forum to develop links between trade unions , trades union councils and grassroot community based campaigns, and to build confidence of those promoting anti-austerity views which, whilst increasingly popular, are barely represented in Parliament.

RMT Tfl No. 1 Branch agrees to support the call for a People's Assembly at Central Hall on Saturday 22nd June 2013 and send (x) delegates.

Fighting funds
"This Region notes and congratulates the wonderful campaign and spirit that has been led by the RMT 33 Bakerloo and District Line workers, disgracefully sacked by Trainpeople.

This Region notes the January Regional decision to fund the ongoing campaign for the RMT 33.
This Region will not give up until our comrades are back at work, to this end we need significant funds to keep fighting.

This Region requests the Council of Executives fully endorse the LT region to fund raise for fighting funds within the movement and the RMT's National Branches and Regional Councils'.