Olympics and Paralympics 2012

RMT Reiterates Concerns As LU Plan To Use Minimally Trained Staff To keep Stations Open During The Olympics

We instruct the General Secretary to make preparation for a ballot for industrial action short of strikes

We note that London Underground intends to count ‘Incident Customer Service Assistants’ towards minimum numbers for station staffing, despite the fact that these are not station staff and have minimal training. This union reaffirms our opposition to this, and notes that we are already in dispute with LUL about this matter, which has been referred to ACAS.

Carlisle Cleaning And Security Workers To Be Balloted For Industrial Action

No worker should be expected to live on an income of less than the London Living Wage

We note the report from our Regional Organiser. While we may be close to securing an acceptable offer on Olympic Reward and Recognition, we are appalled by Carlisle’s refusal to pay our cleaning and security members the London Living Wage. No worker should be expected to live on an income of less than the LLW, an amount calculated to meet only the ‘minimum acceptable quality of life’, currently set at only £8.30 per hour.

RMT To Ballot South West Trains Staff For Action As Company Reneges On Olympics Arrangements

At the same time as the RMT calls for London Underground to return to ACAS regarding the recent dispute over the union's interpretation of the 'Olympic agreement', South West Train members are heading toward Industrial action as bosses there renege on Olympic agreements.

RMT to ballot South West Trains staff

RAIL UNION RMT announced today that is to ballot staff on South West Trains for industrial action after the company reneged on Olympics agreements linked to this year’s pay settlement and attempted to impose a new regime that would force staff to work longer hours on extended services for nothing in return for the entire duration of the games.

RMT Calls For Urgent Return To ACAS Following LUL RMT Olympic 'Deal' Disagreement

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow has written to London Underground in response to a letter from them, widely circulated by ASLEF at LU , stating that their interpretation of the Olympic Statement reached between us differs from the RMT's


RMT Wins Olympic Bonus For Cleaners Working On The Virgin/Alstom West Coast Contract

RAIL UNION RMT today announced that it has secured the latest in a line of Olympics bonus payments – this time a breakthrough-deal for cleaners working on the Virgin/Alstom West Coast Cleaning Contract for VOITH industrial services.

The agreement – covering the Olympics and Paralympics period – means that all hourly paid staff will receive a bonus payment of £400.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

RMT Reaches Olympic Deal With London Underground Which Defends Workplace Agreements

From General Secretary Bob Crow I am writing to advise members that following further talks at ACAS, a final proposal was tabled over Olympic Recognition and Reward for London Underground members. A meeting took place with 150 of your representatives at the end of last week to consult on this offer and the General Grades Committee has decided the following:

“We note the overwhelming view of our representatives expressed at the meeting on Friday 25 May, and accordingly instruct the General Secretary to advise London Underground of our acceptance of the revised proposal. We note that as a result, our members will receive up to £1000 for Olympics working, none of which is dependent on changes to or breaches of agreements."

RMT To Ballot “Boris Bikes” Operational Staff For Action Over Olympics Reward And Working Conditions

"Despite an increasing workload this summer as we head towards the Olympics the staff running the London cycle hire scheme are facing a bullying management who are imposing outrageous changes to conditions" - Bob Crow

TRANSPORT UNION RMT confirmed today that it is to ballot staff running the London “Boris Bike’s” for both strike action and action short of a strike over a range of grievances:

  1. Imposition of changes to working hours and shift patterns which have been unanimously rejected by our members.
  2. No offer of any financial reward for working during the Olympics, despite the big increased in workload and the Games’ organisers’ promotion of cycling during the event.
  3. The unfair and draconian attendance policy.

RMT LUL Olympic Agreement

Agreed statement between RMT and LUL at ACAS

For the period of the Olympics and Paralympics, London Underground and RMT are prepared to work in cooperation to ensure that the Olympics are successful and to demonstrate to the world a successful model of public sector service. London Underground will attempt to staff all relevant Olympic duties on a voluntary basis. In the unlikely event that any of these duties remain uncovered, level 1 committees, where they operate,