May Day Demo For Sacked Sodexo Rep Petrit Mihaj


Further to my previous Circular (IR/332/14, 15th December 2014), Branches will be aware of the on-going campaign against Brother Mihaj’s dismissal from Sodexo. A meeting took place with the Senior Assistant General Secretary, the Lead Officer, LTRC and Branch Officers to discuss the issue and the following resolution has recently been received from the London Transport Regional Council:-

“This Branch is ashamed of the lack of support given to Bro. Petrit Mihaj apart from a few notable exceptions there appears to be a total lack of will to progress this dispute.

We therefore call on the GGC organise and fund demonstrations with leaflets in support of this issue. We understand there is going to be further demonstrations one in April we would like this to be supported by the National Union.

We also ask that a national demonstration is called on the 1st May to coincide with the London May Day march. As the march passes Holborn the RMT contingent should be asked to assemble at Sodexo Headquarters and join the march as it passes.”

This matter has been considered by the General Grades Committee, which noted the resolution and the sentiments within and took the decision to continue to organise and fund demonstrations with leaflets in support of our sacked Brother, including organising a National Demonstration on 1st May outside Sodexo’s HQ and for that demonstration to link up with the May Day demonstration as is passes. I am also seeking an updated report from the Lead Officer on the support that has been given to Brother Mihaj so far and will keep Branches advised of all further developments.