RMT Reveals Fares Set For Further Hikes Whilst Hundreds Of Jobs Threatened On Tube

New research published today by the biggest Tube union RMT has revealed that by the end of the decade Tube fares will be expected to rise by over a third faster than earnings - demolishing the Mayor's case for the cash-led axing of safety critical jobs and the closure of ticket offices.

The research also showed that the real terms increase in Tube fares of 24%, means that for example the cost a Zone 1 – 4 annual Travel card will rise to £2238.

The fare hikes are taking place despite frontline station staff being reduced by 17% and when passenger numbers are predicted to rise by 12% over the same period.

The figures were released as angry Tube workers were set to descend on the Mayor’s State of London debate being held at the O2 centre on 25th June to demand an end to a Tube policy which would see passengers paying ever increasing fares for dangerous, over-crowded and under-staffed services. RMT members will be out in force on Wednesday to ram home the case to the Mayor that Every Job Matters and that cuts and closures to staff, ticket offices and other services are both dangerous and unnecessary as passenger demand escalates.

Speaking from the Unions’ annual conference in Bristol, RMT Acting General Secretary Mick Cash said,

"Boris Johnson has been pleading poverty in his campaign to axe jobs and close ticket offices but this research shows that he is awash with Londoner's cash as both fares and passenger numbers soar through the roof. Tube users will be disgusted when they find out that they are being ripped-off by the Mayor, paying inflation-busting fare increases while jobs, services and safety are hammered into the ground.

"RMT's fight to defend the principle of a safe tube system, with proper levels of staffing and where access for all is a key principle, will continue and on Wednesday we will be there at the 02 centre taking our case straight to Boris Johnson."

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