ACAS Talks Break Down as LU Management Refuse to Even Discuss Reinstating Arwyn Thomas - Strikes to Go Ahead

Today, the RMT delegation met with London Underground at ACAS to try to resolve the dispute about LU's victimisation of Northern line driver Arwyn Thomas.

Unfortunately, management refused point blank to even discuss re-employing Arwyn. Furthermore, they stated that even if the Employment Tribunal found 100% in Arwyn's favour, they still would not guarantee to reinstate him. Therefore, we have no option but to go ahead with our strike action to defend our longstanding rep and activist.

RMT attended these talks in good faith, but LU management's stance, together with the fact that they brought a senior TfL press officer with them, shows that they did not.

RMT will urge Boris Johnson to intervene directly to stop LUL holding Londoners to ransom in its irrational drive to undermine RMT and trade unionism on the Underground.