The Fightback Has Begun

Now we must co-ordinate the action Come to the meeting: 19 August, 6.30pm Friends House, Euston Road, opposite Euston station Speakers: Bob Crow, and reps from all the disputes

By Steve Hedley, RMT London Transport Regional Council Secretary

Massive congratulations are in order for the RMT members who have organised effective strike action recently.

Regional Council newsletter August 2008: The Fightback Has Begun

August's issue of the Regional Council newsletter reports on the various groups of workers fighting back around the region; welcomes our victory in defeating ticket office closures; tells readers about the effective recruitment day on the Docklands Light Railway; asks for your support to stop the privatisation of Tyne & Wear Metro; asks what next for revenue control?; advertises our upcoming conference on industrial disputes; and provides a 'know your rights' guide for LUL staff about medical appointments.

Click on the file name below to download it.

Know Your Rights: Medical Appointments - a guide for London Underground staff

If you have a medical appointment, how should you and your manager deal with it?

  • You are supposed to arrange the appointment outside your working hours if possible. But the company accepts that it is not always possible.
  • If the appointment takes you out of only part of your shift, you should get paid special leave.
  • If the appointment takes you out of your whole shift and you have not been able to arrange cover, you may have to take annual leave; if that’s not possible (eg. if you have run out of annual leave entitlement), you should get paid special leave.

Making Our Disputes More Effective

Supported RMT’s campaigns and industrial action over recent years? Thought the union did some things OK but some things less well? Come to our conference on Friday 29 August in the King’s Cross area to discuss with other union members how we can make current and future struggles more effective.

What Next For Revenue Control?

After senior managers’ cull of Duty Revenue Control Managers and Admin, what next for Revenue Control Inspectors?

Special meeting: Friday 22 August, 14:00hrs, RMT Head Office.

All members are invited to discuss the new set-up, tactics, future plans and internal RMT plans for RCIs.

More information from Ross Marshall, Health & Safety rep, BCV Revenue: 07789-652518.

Keep Tyne & Wear Metro Public

Believe it or not, the government wants the Tyne & Wear Metro (Underground) go down the same disastrous PPP route as London Underground.

Please support the campaign to keep Tyne & Wear Metro a wholly publicly owned company. Read and sign the 10 Downing Street petition here.

Casualisation Dispute: Victory for RMT!

From 'RMT On The Trains' newsletter, August 2008

Recent threats of strike action combined with public campaigning by the RMT caused management to re-think their plans to cut station staff. We pointed out that a safe railway must be properly staffed. Videos will never substitute for staff.

LUL have now dropped their plans to close dozens of ticket offices. Furthermore they dropped plans to do away with station supervisors during traffic hours – not everything we want but even that could not have been achieved without determined action from your union.

Attendance At Work - New Procedure?

From 'RMT On The Trains' newsletter, August 2008

We have been told that at many Depots, Management are re-interpreting the Attendance at work policy (which we never agreed or signed up to!). Full 26 /52 week cautions are being given, despite people trying to minimise their time off, and any mitigation is being ignored!

Party Time On The Tube

From 'RMT On The Trains' newsletter, August 2008

Following on from the drunken chaos on the Underground on May 31st we eagerly await Boris’s plans for December 31st. Past years have seen the Tube transformed into mobile bars on New Years Eve as revellers get in the party spirit before midnight; then transformed into rivers of beer and vomit as they go home again after midnight. Boris’s alcohol ban is hardly likely to reduce this mayhem. Especially if, as in previous years, free travel is sponsored by a drinks company!

Instructor Operator Review

From 'RMT On The Trains' newsletter, August 2008

Management have recently given the union draft proposals to review and change the way Instructor operators are recruited and managed and have proposed some important changes to the role which the Union has made objections to. The key change is that they are suggesting a two tier structure going back to the road trainer idea and a "super I/O" who will be off the roster and no longer doing driving as their main job.