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Jubilee South News June 2018

Jubilee South News is the newsletter from Jubilee South branch.  In this edition:

  • Jubilee strike action for 6th June suspended 
  • RMT To work more  closely with Labour 
  • Join us at the next branch meeting 
  • Station's H&S Update 
  • Stop managers abusing the Attendance Policy 
  •  RMT LGBT+ Conference 

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Join RMT comrades at London LGBT Pride

This year we will be marching in London Pride, one of the world's largest LGBTI events. Not only are Pride marches a time of celebration for our LGBT community, but are an opportunity to promote the union and our campaigns. 

Pride marches are family friendly events and all members, whatever sexuality or gender/gender identity are welcome to join in. 

We encourage branches and regions to take their banners and support our LGBT members.

RMT union celebrating LGBT History Month

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) history month is an annual event that takes place every February. A range of events are organised around the world to celebrate the lives of activists and acknowledging their role in history, culture and society.

RMT LGBT officer Finsbury Park branch John Stack said that the events play an important role in raising awareness of the prejudice and discrimination that people still face and in helping to break down barriers to equality of opportunity.

Blog: Stonewall To Campaign On Trans Issues

Stonewall has announced today that it will begin campaigning on Trans issues. Stonewall is a charity which works to achieve equality and justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexual people. In 2013 the RMT LGBT conference passed a resolution on Stonewall which included the call that "Stonewall should stop perpetuating the exclusion of transgender people and campaign on trans issues in England and Wales, not just LGB issues."

You can read about Stonewall's decision to begin campaigning on trans issues here.

RMT at London Pride 2014 - Join Us


Our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Advisory Committee are taking part in the annual Pride march in London on Saturday 28 June. An invitation is extended to all RMT members, friends and family, whatever sexuality, to join them and show solidarity for LGBT rights across the world.

The plan is to meet at Unity House, Charlton Street between 10.45-11.15am to collect banners, whistles etc and/or go on to join in with the TUC section of the parade assembling at 12.30-1pm (nearest tube Baker Street). The march commences at 1pm.

RMT LGBT Conference 2014


This conference synopsis is taken from a report by Joanne Parry

RMT LGBT Conference 2014 was opened by the Bristol branch secretary who said Bristol was well known for diversity and inclusion. There was then an address from Mick Cash, Acting General Secretary.

Tube Job Cut Plans Will Hit Every Equalities Group

Fit For the Future – Stations will hit every stations worker with pay cuts, displacements, reduced work-life balance, etc. But its proposals will affect women, black and ethnic minority, LGBT, older, younger and disabled people in specific ways.

LU is obliged by law to assess what the impact on equalities groups will be. But LU has carried out a shabby and inadequate assessment. RMT and other unions’ reps have met LU about these issues in the last few weeks; management has revealed that it does not treat its obligation towards equalities groups seriously.