Noam Gur, Israeli Military Refuser, speaks

Noam is a 19 year old woman from Jerusalem who was jailed last year for refusing to serve on the Israeli Defence Force as part of compulsory national service.

She says:
"I refused to join an army that has, since it was established, been engaged in dominating another nation, in plundering and terrorizing a civilian population that is under its control. The systematic destruction and dispossession that form part of a long-established policy of population-transfer, murder of non-violent demonstrators, the Apartheid wall, the massacre 'operations' that the Israeli army chooses to carry out, and the rest of the daily violations of the human rights of the Palestinians have led, and continue to lead, to a long, indefinite, and preventable cycle of bloodshed.

Noam will be speaking after the Central Line East branch meeting on Thursday November 14th at 7.15pm.
The meeting is at the ex-services club on Harvey road in Leytonstone (just off Leytonstone High road, close to Leytonstone central line station)

Everyone welcome, buffet/snacks from 7pm and there is a bar downstairs from the meeting room.