Disabled people and members

Discrimination against disabled workers continues, and RMT is organising to oppose it

RMT concerned at treatment of disabled workers by London Underground bosses


Further to my previous Circular (IR/224/15, 23rd September 2015), the following resolution was recently received from our Hammersmith & City Branch:-

“This Branch is concerned how some station staff are being treated under the ‘Fit for the Future programme’. The members concerned are those who have medical restrictions due to a disability and who seem to be being singled out and moved without taking into account these restrictions.

RMT response to charity report that transport access for disabled people is going backwards

Responding to the report today from disabled charity Whizz-Kidz that young people are being denied opportunities because of poor access to transport services, RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:
“This is an important report that shames the transport industry in Britain and which should force the issue of disabled access to services right up the agenda.

Jubilee South News November 2015

This is the latest edition of Jubilee South News.

In this edtion:

  • Jubilee South Branch ready to defend unfairly treated disabled member
  • 4 day 36 hour week trial – the ayes have it!
  • RMT preparing ground for ballot to defend brother Hart
  • AGM branch meeting details


Disability Officer's report to RMT London Transport Regional Council, October 2015

  • LUL Fit for the Future Stations Equality Impact Assessment
  • Disability discrimination cases in LUL
  • Employers' disability policies
  • Proposed employment policy on Autism
  • RMT training
  • Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)
  • UK Disability History Month
  • UN to investigate UK government
  • Access to Work survey
  • WOW petition

Jubilee South Branch Prepared to Defend Unfairly Treated Disabled Member

RMT London Transport Region's Jubilee South branch has unanimously passed a motion in support of branch member Francis Darcy.  Francis is a long term RMT member and London Underground worker; who is employed as a SAMF.  Francis developed Repetitive Strain Injury whilst doing her job, and despite the difficulties this condition has causes her, has maintained her condition, and was doing her job just days ago.  However at a recent 'case conference' the decision was taken to redeploy her to an unknown role, without warning.

LUL fingered in disability discrimination case - again

Following Karen Guyotts' dismissal because she had a disability -  questions were asked in Parliament - MPs from all sides of the house were appalled that in 2015 London's biggest employer could sack one of its employees solely because she had a disability.


LUL cited that the reasonable adjustments in place for Karen were "unsustainable" and sacked her.


Karen was unable to "sustain" an industrial response due to her condition.

Disability Officers Report August 2015

1. Protesting against attacks on disabled people. The Tories are intensifying their assault on disabled people's rights, particularly access to benefits. I will be circulating information about protests and other events in and around London. Please look out for these and encourage members to take part.

2. Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC). Our union affiliates to DPAC, an excellent organisation that actively does what its names suggests! I propose that the Regional Council invites DPAC to speak at its September meeting.

RMT Equalities Report - May 2015

In this Newsletter:

  • Fit for the Future = More Inequality
  • Inequality of pay and power
  • Location / Displacements
  • Part - time staff
  • Workforce density
  • Destaffing and lone working
  • Rosters and worklife balance
  • Abolition of seated roles
  • What can we do about it?
  • What about equality issues for passengers?

London Underground's disability poem. Monday's disabled child is fair of face and gets a job. Tuesday's disabled child is sacked

London Underground are the stellar employer of London. They set the moral and ethical tone for all the others to follow.

On Monday February 23 LUL were in the media, on TV, on the Radio highlighting the virtues of making the stigma of workers with disabilities a thing of the past.
A good thing you must agree.

On Tuesday February 24 LUL dismissed a young girl because she had a disability.
An absolute disgrace.
After 5 years of reasonable adjustments in place to allow her to continue in her role, they decide it is no longer "sustainable"