RMT concerned at treatment of disabled workers by London Underground bosses


Further to my previous Circular (IR/224/15, 23rd September 2015), the following resolution was recently received from our Hammersmith & City Branch:-

“This Branch is concerned how some station staff are being treated under the ‘Fit for the Future programme’. The members concerned are those who have medical restrictions due to a disability and who seem to be being singled out and moved without taking into account these restrictions.

This Branch calls on the General Secretary to investigate this matter and before a settlement is reached with LUL on this dispute all our medically restricted members are only moved to suitable locations”.

Also, the following resolution was recently received from our Central Line East Branch:-

“We note that London Underground Ltd has announced that Central Line East, Leytonstone and Kings Cross groups are to ‘go live’ with Fit for the Future Stations in February, two months before other groups. We object to members on these groups being used as laboratory rats, and note that the roster consultation has not yet concluded and that there are several outstanding cases of members contesting their Location Matters outcome.

We resolve to demand a joint Level 1 meeting of the three groups; and to ask the General Grades Committee to discuss with the relevant Branches and Reps options for industrial action”.

The General Grades has considered these resolutions, along with a report from the Lead Officer and taken the decision for me to inform the GGC when there is an update on the item on medically restricted staff and to organise a meeting of the members on the Groups affected by Fit for the Future going live in 2016.

In respect of the offer received from LUL, as above under the ROP & COS and Night Tube heading, the GGC has taken the decision for the Lead Officer to seek a further meeting with LUL and report back to the GGC on Thursday 10th December 2015.

I am currently acting in accordance with the above decision and will keep you informed of all developments.