'Unacceptable' that ABM forcing furloughed staff to take annual leave


Your Regional Organiser submitted a report to your National Executive Committee indicating that ABM was compelling staff to taken annual leave during their Furlough period. This is despite the rules of the Government's Furlough Scheme allowing a maximum of four weeks leave to be carried forward over the next two years when it has “not been reasonably practicable for the worker to have taken the annual leave due to COVID-19”. With the restrictions on public life at present and the near impossibility of enjoying annual leave in the usual manner, that ABM should be compelling members to take annual leave is unacceptable.

Strong objections were made to ABM over this measure as, like its general Furlough Arrangements, it is not one which TfL or LUL are imposing on their Furloughed staff and so your Regional Organiser continued to pursue the matter. However, ABM refused to overturn its stance and continued with its disgraceful decision to force annual leave on staff.

Your NEC again considered this and noted that it was an issue confronting RMT across the national rail industry, across TfL and in road and maritime sectors and discussions have taken place at the Rail Industry Coronavirus and at TfL Company Councils.

The NEC also stated that your union will continue to demand of all TfL and employers under the TfL umbrella that RMT members should not be forced to use their annual leave during furlough.

I will keep you advised of all further developments in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary