Tube Staff Denied Customer Satisfaction Bonus After Olympic Year

We note the responses on file from our admin grade members, who are dissatisfied with LUL’s implementation of its Olympic reward policy. We further note that there is no copy on file of the letter to LUL instructed by our decision of 12 December 2012, and instruct the General Secretary to place in front of us this letter and any reply received.

We further note information from London Underground’s intranet stating that there is no £100 end-of-year CSS bonus this year and falsely claiming that this element of the bonus was suspended as part of the Olympic agreement. No such agreement was ever made, and we strongly object to LUL’s attempt to deny our members the £100 end-of-year bonus they earned during a very demanding year. We will not tolerate this theft from our members.

We instruct the General Secretary to demand an urgent meeting with London Underground Ltd to discuss the issues of both admin staff Olympic reward and the denial of the £100 end-of-year bonus.

Those admin members who responded to our request for feedback are to be sent a personal letter acknowledging their response and informing them that we are pursuing the issue.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

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