Tube cleaners fight back

Over 50 Interserve cleaners, Tube workers from other grades, and supporters held a noisy protest outside Interserve's head office on Tuesday 15 December, exposing the Scrooge-like practises of the cleaning contractor, which routinely short-pays its workers.

The mere announcement of the protest, which was organised by the RMT London Transport Regional Council in conjunction with the RMT London Transport Region Cleaning Grades Committee, had rattled the company, prompting them to send letters to their staff urging them not to attend, and assuring them that the demands of the protest (for an end to short payment, against jobs cuts, and for direct employment for agency workers) were all being addressed already!

A handful of City of London police, and a riot van, were already in position before the demonstration began. Clearly, Interserve finds the prospect of its workers demanding what's owed to them frightening.

The demonstration, which was lively and upbeat despite the rain, heard speeches from Daniel Randall (RMT London Transport Region Young Members' Officer), John Reid (RMT Executive member for London Transport Region), Eamonn Lynch (RMT London Transport Regional Council Secretary), Richard Crane (RMT London Transport Region Cleaning Grades Committee Secretary), and Becky Crocker (RMT National Women's Advisory Committee Chair). 

RMT plans further protests for dignity and justice for Tube cleaners in the new year.