Tube bosses to suspend the training of non-permanent employees for track patrolling purposes for two weeks


Further to my previous Circular (IR/029, 5th February 2016), discussions took place at ACAS last week and progress was made over LUL’s decision to train Cleshar staff to undertake Track Patrolling duties. As a result, the National Executive Committee took the decision to suspend the strike action which was due to commence on Friday 12th February.

During the talks, LUL advised that its decision to train Cleshar staff to undertake track patrolling duties was due to a perceived risk that not enough permanent staff would volunteer to move to a Sunday-Thursday roster as necessary for Night Tube but RMT made it clear that we do not agree with the introduction of agency workers in the track patrolling function and instead, both parties should work together to achieve the necessary roster cover without the need to engage agency workers. This led to the following proposals being tabled:-

  • LU will suspend the training and assessment of non-permanent employees for track patrolling purposes for a period of two weeks
  • RMT will suspend its planned industrial action as set out in your letter dated 4 February for a period of two weeks
  • During that two week period LU and RMT will work together to look at the rostering arrangements required for Night Tube and identify where any gaps exist and how these might be filled
  • At the end of this two week period the parties can reconsider their positions in light of the output of the work that has been undertaken

The matter was considered again by the National Executive Committee and to protect our position, put pressure on the Company to enter these talks in good fairth and take genuine steps to resolve our concerns, members are instructed:

  • NOT TO WORK ANY OVERTIME between 16:00 hours on Wednesday 24th February and 15:59 hours on Friday 26thFebruary 2016.

I will keep you informed of all further developments.