Train Driver's New PTOA 'Short Term Arrangements'

This document is an update to the '90 day agreement' for London Underground train drivers.

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This publication specifies the procedures and agreements that apply to T/Ops wishing to meet short-term and domestic requirements, personal difficulties and emergencies. The aim is to assist T/Ops in resolving short-term difficulties whilst avoiding unnecessary time away from work and possible hardship caused by loss of salary.

Entry to the post of LU T/Op is to a full-time job that requires the ability to work varying shifts
and weekends. It is recognised that from time to time T/Ops may face domestic and personal difficulties or
emergencies that mean they may not be able to work rostered shifts. Requests for flexible working arrangements will be given full and sympathetic consideration in line with the LU policies and procedures as well as legislation.

T/Ops and their Managers will share responsibility for resolving difficulties with working
arrangements in consultation with the local level 1 representative. The T/Op must take reasonable steps to address any problems that are impacting at work. Managers should also, where appropriate, offer the services of the Counselling and Trauma Support Unit.